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Premium products,

 made exclusively from natural starting materials,
with extra active substance content.

For prevention and also for cases when the disease has already developed!

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We have come a long way until, joining our forces with our friends from the veterinary profession, we created the Natural Pet Care System product line. We have long been believing that our body or organism possesses an incredible inherent force, which we must appreciate, keep active and possibly even stimulate. This is why we run, do yoga, play football and go on hikes, eat healthily and, whenever possible, use natural methods to heal ourselves.

We consider our pets equal members of our family.

Therefore, we believe that the products they receive should be of the best possible quality. 

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For experts

As veterinarians or breeders we can see for ourselves almost every day how much the role of dogs and cats has changed in recent decades. From domestic animals they have become real companion animals and family members.As more and more humans become health-conscious in their everyway life, they increasingly extend this attitude to their four-legged family members as well.